Since 1995, the Oddly Fluffy Anthropomorphic MUCK

FluffMUCK is a furry-themed (anthropomorphic) TinyMUCK, with a primarily social atmosphere and ocassional light-hearted roleplay.

Fluff has been through a lot through the years, and the administration would like to thank everyone who had a part in its operation, construction, and of course all the players who have frequented the MUCK over the years.

Our address is still 8888; stop in and say hi! Use a MUCK client such as TinyFugue, BeipMU, SimpleMU, or similar.

FluffMUCK User Help Page

Just for fun: Ancient map of FluffMUCK

Also for fun: Some of the original FluffMUCK Wizards in "Real Life" at FurtherConfusion '99
(Left to right: fEk, Zorin, Sennard (was not a wizard, but a cool guy nonetheless), Marlos, Rieshal)