FluffMUCK Character Request Form

This form allows you to make a character request on Fluff. Users are encouraged to read FluffMUCK policies before requesting a character. When you complete this form, your character will be created by FluffMUCK staff and your password will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours. For this reason, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide a valid email address. If the reply e-mail (containing your password) bounces, the character will be deleted and you won't be notified (we can't notify you since the email address isn't valid)

Please note that trolls and troublemakers will not be tolerated on Fluff. If you make a pain in the ass of yourself, you will be removed.

Please fill out the fields below. Keep in mind the following: This form is under construction, but is fully functional.
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Before you click the button, ensure that you have followed the instructions above.
Your request will be ignored if a blatant violation of instructions is made.